Bring your business to new heights. Take command of the powerful Azure Platform.

There are some key things you need to understand when adopting the Microsoft Cloud. Most people and teams underutilize them. Four key Azure skills will make You an Azure Maverick! You will find Azure much easier because you will be quicker and feel more comfortable and secure. The alternative is to play it by ear until a project ends up in a big mess and one must backtrack, lose time, spend money, become confused and have dissatisfied users.

The four essential skills are:
• Automation – The power to control deployments.
• Governance – The power to tell your boss what it costs.
• Monitoring – The power to know what is wrong.
• Access Control – The power to avoid human error.
“I wish someone had told me the secrets of Azure before we started two years ago! This class is spot on things we now apply successfully every day in our Azure services. We are more goal oriented when using the cloud. Ultimately this saves us money and makes working with cloud more tangible and much more fun.” – Brian Jensen, workshop attendee, Denmark

What you will learn
Simply put, you will learn the secrets and shortcuts that will make you effective using Azure! Magnus will walk through central areas of handling and managing cloud deployed applications. The class helps you handle some of the most important blockers in cloud Computing: How do I deploy to and handle my new environments in the cloud in a predictable and automatable way? How do I avoid runaway costs in the cloud when developers can create anything they want? How do I set up to divide the bill between departments and environments? How do we stay compliant and restrict to appropriate locations and services? How do I handle access to cloud resources in an effective way? How do I monitor resources when they are running – is the site up and is it successful? “Whose database is this”, because it is costing us money? Avoid confusion and hesitation! Measure effectiveness, speed and success! This class is Your Azure cloud booster pack!
“Regardless if you are new to the cloud, or if you have been in there for years most companies, developers and ITPro do not aware of the important fundamentals of the cloud needed to achieve flow, be fast and able to focus on their business!” – Magnus Mårtensson, Presenter
You will take command of using the powerful Azure Platform and bring your business to new heights with these learnings. You will work with confidence in Azure. Anyone who develop, deploy, distribute and diagnose applications on Azure should attend this class!

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