Bug Busters Go Digital

Does the well-known company name of Anticimex make your thoughts wander away to territories such as AI and digital transformation? Well, if not, then it may be time for you to challenge your old perceptions. Come and learn from Anticimex’s and Avanade’s joint presentation at the Microsoft TechDays 2019!

The world is changing and so is Anticimex. Coming from traditional pest control, Anticimex is rapidly transforming into a digital mindset based on accessible data.

Our presentation demonstrates how the latest technology from Microsoft, in combination with the extensive experience and knowledge within Anticimex, together with the capabilities of internationally recognized IT consultant Avanade, makes it happen.

Combining the Anticimex bug recognition with real time data from your house, historical data from inspection protocols and external data from sources like weather forecasts, results in a platform for making fact-driven decisions that keeps problems, and sometimes even disaster away.

Artificial Intelligence, Digitization, Security & Trust

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