Building and deploying a global solution with Power BI Embedded and Analysis Services

In this session you will learn how Power BI Embedded can be seamlessly integrated into an existing web-based product. You will see how customer’s big data analytics, backed by Azure Analysis Services, can be made available in the Azure region closest to the customer. It will also provide a look at how every aspect of setting up and deploying resources can be automated, including creating Analysis Services instances, creating Power BI workspaces and adding dedicated Embedded capacity.

Teleopti is a global ISV, with customers in over 90 countries, developing world-class workforce management software for organizations like contact centers and larger support organizations. In June 2019 Teleopti was acquired by Calabrio, a Minneapolis-based provider of customer experience solutions, building the new global standard for the customer experience industry.

Active Solution teamed up with Teleopti to create advanced analytics with the help of Power BI Embedded and integrate the solution into their existing Teleopti WFM product. In this session, Mattias Engblom, previously CTO at Teleopti and now VP, Cloud Engineering at Calabrio, and Robert Folkesson, solution architect and CTO at Active Solution, will share their experiences building this solution.


 .Net, Architecting on Azure, Business insights & Analytics, Business Intelligence, Developers, Insights & Advanced Analytics

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