Diversity and Inclusion in IT

Gender equality is a topic widely discussed in the IT world. This is mainly due to the significant lack of women in the branch. Although this is a very important issue to discussing about, it is also as important to mention diversity in those discussions. Diversity encompasses many dimensions and gender equality is only one part of it. In order to achieve a diverse branch, it is not only more women that we need, but rather a diverse group of women. The reason why diversity is especially important in IT is because this is where the future is built. A future where everyone is included. Therefore, it makes sense for diverse people to contribute to their future. I strongly believe that IT is something for everyone because it is not a “know it all” field anymore but rather with the fast growth of technologies, it has become a “learn it all” field. I myself found it very difficult when I first started studying programming at my university. I had to put double amount of hours that my friends were putting and at the end I passed my courses. I am no different than an average girl and as cliché as it sounds, if I can do it, anyone else can.

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