Hacking Lambada: Forensic Techniques for Unveiling the Hacker’s Forbidden Dance

Similar to a crime scene investigation, well-done forensics can provide network security teams with the DNA clues of an attack. At the same time, it provides intelligence to prevent new attacks and perform effective remediation. When it comes to the operating system and after-attack traces, it is not that bad as all traces are gathered in one place – your infrastructure. Even though hackers use techniques to remain on the loose, you can always dig into the different areas of the operating system, extract the evidence, build a timeline and become familiar with what actually happened. During this super intense session, Paula will demonstrate different real-life examples and scenarios of the attacks, recreate the hacker’s steps and gather evidence in order to reveal the malicious activities. All examples used during the session are based on true stories! You will also become familiar with the not-so-obvious settings and solutions that help a lot in the hardening process. The session includes authored tools so don’t miss it!


Information Protection, IT Influencers and Implementers, Security, Security & Trust, Threat Management, Threat Protection

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