How to unsuck IoT…and to do it in a simple and sustainable way

Maybe you have taken the step to connect business critical assets to the internet. But as you’re adding more IoT solutions, the simplicity flies out the window. That´s why IoT sucks.

During this session Mikael Håkansson and Jan Hellgren will cover how to build and maintain sustainable IoT Solutions using many of the capabilities related to Azure IoT. Learn how to manage your devices, capture- and cleanse information to grow and develop your digital offerings.

We are going to show you real life IoT use cases and “notes from the field” from the energy sector, industrial sector and construction sector based on Axians IoT solutions and Microsoft Azure IoT.

After the session you will have more knowledge how to avoid vendor lock in, how to maintain simplicity and become more flexible in setting up your IoT solutions.

Cloud/Hybrid Infrastructure, Cloud Governence, Communication, Insights & Advanced Analytics, Azure Solutions, Service Management, IoT Internet of Things

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