Melting GPUs for fun and profit

High performance computing isn’t always top-of-mind when developing IT capabilities, until it is! What if you could complete a workload in 4 minutes instead of 4 hours? Would you afford yourself more experimentation, more testing, or more features? Azure makes it easier than ever for companies to accelerate their workloads using GPUs and FPGAs. Join LakeTide and see how the threshold for using these technologies is lower than ever. In this session we will walk you through everything from writing your first GPU-kernel to putting workloads into an enterprise ready dev-ops pipeline using Azure Machine Service. You’ll be amazed at what a single person can achieve with these tools ready at hand!


Artificial Intelligence, Azure (IaaS), Data Scientists (i.e people working with advanced analytics), English, Insights & Advanced Analytics, Level: 400, Machine Learning, Session 2019