Skydda din identitet och hantera åtkomst till dina organisationsresurser

Can you enable a productive digital working environment but at the same time instill the enough identity and access security controls for your organization?

The change of perimeters of control has historically gone from being physical to network focused. With the increased complexity of identity threats, such as spear phishing and spoofing, the intruders can more easily bypass your network control layer unnoticed. By moving to identity as the primary control perimeter we can be more granular in how we work with identity and access management but at the same time enabling a richer experience for the end users.

With the increasing threat landscape together with growing demand for mobility to be able to work from anywhere on any device – the need of providing more intelligent tools becomes more crucial to assure a flexible but yet secure approach to identity and access management.

This short session will cover why and how you can use identity as the control perimeter in your organization to provide integrated security and productivity with tools such as Azure AD Conditional Access, Seamless SSO, Microsoft Authenticator and Windows Hello.

Identity, Mobility, End-User Experience, Identity and Access Management, Modern workplace