Activities at TechDays 2019

Customer case on site - meet H&M

H&M Group invites you to their hang-out space where their technical product managers and engineers are eager to share stories from their journey to the cloud and beyond. Come by, hang out, make new friends and exchange ideas and stories from the front-line of tech with them! Or if you are taking your first steps towards the cloud and modern engineering practices, don’t miss the opportunity to get advice from their friendly team of engineers! They will have colleagues on site that are working with Azure, AI, DevOps, containers, APIs, cloud scale architectures and modern workplace experiences with Office365.

World’s first AI Whisky – meet Mackmyra

Together with Fourkind and Microsoft, Mackmyra is creating the world’s first whisky developed with artificial intelligence (AI) and supervised by human. This is the first time that a complex consumer product recipe has been created with machine learning. You are most welcome to discuss AI and whisky with them.

Test your DNA – meet AthGene

You now have the opportunity to take part in our quiz and get your test for free, or buy it onsite in AthGene’s exhibition area. With the DNA test from AthGene you can get insights into how your unique body is functioning. Based on information about your genes you can then make your own decisions towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to train more efficiently according to your genes or understand what diet works best for you, the AthGene test results will guide you to make choices which are genetically best for you.

• Do not eat or drink one hour prior to your test
• Visit the AthGene stand
• Pay by credit card
• Test yourself easily by rotating a swab along the inside of your cheeks for 30 seconds on each side
• Fill out your customer account
• View your test results on your AthGene account within a maximum of three weeks
• Based on knowledge of your genes, you are now ready to adapt your lifestyle to what is genetically best for you!

User Groups at TechDays

Take this opportunity to meet members live from the following User Groups:

• Microsoft Information Protection User Group
• Swedish Windows Security User Group
• PowerShell User Group Sweden
• SUCK – Svenska UC-klubben
• System Center User Group
• Swedish Microsoft ALM and DevOps Meetup
• Windows Server User Group
• Stockholm Azure Meetup

You will most certainly get the answer you need to your tricky question!

Be a winner

Vinn ett DNA-test!

Vad kostade det att göra ett DNA-test för 15 år sedan*?
A. > 600 miljoner SEK
B. 30 miljoner SEK
C. 3 miljoner SEK

Beskriv med max 50 ord vad du tycker om möjligheten att kunna testa ditt DNA här på plats på Kistamässan under TechDays och kopplingen till att årets tema är teknik för en bättre värld. Juryn kommer utse tre (3) vinnare.

Mejla ditt svar till, skriv DNA i rubriken, senast kl 17 onsdag 23 oktober. De tre vinnarna kontaktas torsdag morgon.

Om du vinner behöver du testa dig under de tider som AthGenes monter är bemannad.

Tävlingen är organiserad av Easyfairs. Juryn består av Marie Dahlberg, AthGene och Ann Loggert Torp, Easyfairs. Eventuell vinstskatt betalas av vinnaren.

Läs mer om vad testet innebär i appen under fliken Test your DNA – meet AthGene

* Enligt National Human Genome Research Institute

Share a picture and win an Oura ring

Which product/solution has improved your world?
Choose any product/solution that has improved your world the most, reaching 10 years back up until now. Share a picture of your contribution on either Twitter or LinkedIn, using the hashtags #TDSwe and #TDSweImprove

Do not forget to have an open profile on your social media account so we can see your contribution and contact you if you win.

• The competition will end on October 24th, at 10.30.
• The winner will be contacted via Twitter/LinkedIn before noon on the 24th
• If you win, you must present yourself at the Microsoft stand on Thursday October24th between 13.30-14.00 to pick up your prize.
• The value of the Oura ring is 315 euro – Read more about the ring in the TechDays app
• This competition is organised by Easyfairs
• The jury from EasyFairs will pick two winners, based on creativity and rareness
• Special note: The winner will be presented in social media.

TechDays Bingo

Visit the Microsoft Information Desk to get your bingo card. Then visit exhibitors of your choice and ask for their colored bingo marker. There will be 9 different colors to collect. When you have collected all 9 different colors and marked your bingo card, please hand in your bingo card at Microsoft’s Information Desk. You do not have to mark your bingo card in any particular order; just find all the different colors!

Good luck and wish you a nice Bingo Tour around the exhibition.

Tiebreaker question: how many cups of coffee were served by the Barista in the Microsoft stand during Wednesday October 23rd?

• Hand in your bingo card at the Microsoft Information Desk before 10.30 on October 24th
• Write your name and phone number on your bingo card, so we can contact you by noon on the 24th if you are the happy winner.
• If you win, you must present yourself at the Microsoft stand on Thursday October 24th between 13.30-14.00 to pick up your prize.
• Prize: Oura Ring, value 315 euro – Read more about the ring in the TechDays app
• The competition is organised by Easyfairs
• Special note: The winner will be presented in social media.

Visit the Mojang Office

1. Connect / Follow Mojang at LinkedIn
2. Take a picture with the Minecraft cut-outs, available at the Mojang stand in Microsoft booth
3. Hashtag #TDSwe and #MojangTechdays @Mojang
The most creative and fun contribution will win a visit to the Mojang Office

The winner will be contacted at LinkedIn by Ida Utterström from Mojang on Friday, October 25th.
Special note: The winner will be presented in social media.

The competition is organised by Easyfairs

Xbox Game Pass

Come by the Xbox station in the Microsoft stand to compete in the game Forza Horizon. The winners are the five people driving the fastest laps during TechDays 2019. The prize will be an Xbox Game Pass per winner!

The five fastest laps will be updated regularly at the Xbox stand, with the drivers’ name and contact information. The competition will start during Wednesday and ends at 10.30 on Thursday. You have to be at the Xbox stand after the competition is finished to pick up your prize!

  • The competition is organised by Easyfairs
  • You must give your name and phone number to be able to participate (so we can contact the winners!)


Knee-Deep in Tech – the one with an audience!

We are very happy to announce that we will be recording an episode of Knee-Deep in Tech at Techdays! We’ll share our thoughts on the latest news from the Microsoft world, interview interesting and brilliant people as well as taking all your questions on Microsoft 365 and the Data & Power Platform. We hope to see you there! Welcome to the podcasting area in the main exhibition hall, at 16.15 on Wednesday.

En Liten Podd Om IT

Kom och delta under en spexig och oförglömlig live-inspelning av den populära IT-podden ”En Liten Podd Om IT”. Gänget samlas och spelar, precis som förra året in ett specialavsnitt på TechDays. De delar med sig av intrycken från första dagen och siar om den andra. Med lite tur kommer det finnas överraskningar och gäster.

Vi kör mellan klockan 17:30-18:30 i poddarean i mässhallen, så tag chansen att hänga med oss där.

Som vanligt i den digitala djungeln är era rutinerade och orädda guider: Johan Persson från Engage, Björn Andersson frånVisolit samt Mats Hultgren och David Lilja från Truesec

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