Why exhibit?

At TechDays you meet Sweden’s elite in the IT industry, which gives you the opportunity to meet decision makers and purchasing influencers – All under one roof.

As an exhibitor, you will be able to gather leads from a range of target audiences, create new relationships and further develop existing ones. The event can be used as a perfect platform to strengthen your collaboration with Microsoft.

We can help you promote your business and increase brand awareness prior, during and post event!

Choose between the following packages

Exhibitor Packages include: floor space, furniture, carpet, lighting, signage and company logo. All stands will fit the TechDays branded concept and colour scheme.

TechDays Premium

Price: 99.990 kr (ex VAT)
Exhibiton area: 24 sqm
Event tickets: 6

Additional visibility: Includes maximum utilization of our market channels.

TechDays Plus

Price: 71.710 kr (ex VAT)
Exhibition area: 12 sqm 
Event tickets: 3

TechDays Go

Price: 44.990 kr (ex VAT)
Exhibiton area: 6 sqm  
Event tickets: 2

Get extra exposure and advantages

What is most important to you as an exhibitor at TechDays? We will help you reach your goal by adjustning your stand package according to your needs. You have the possibility of adding any of the following services.

Ad in the Event app

Reach all users with an ad in the activity stream.

4 500 sek

Sponsored blog post

Reach visitors before the event and adress your area of expertis by sharing exciting news on our blog. We will also share your post through

3 500 sek

Ad in the newsletter

Reach out to the TechDays audince before the event through TechDays newsletter.

4 000 sek

Digital marketing

Ad in the TechDays app. Ad in TechDays newsletter. Post through TechDays social media.

8 000 sek

Digital visibility on site

Reach out to all visitors on a digital screen on site.

4 500 sek

Branded water bottles

Brand the water bottles on site. This is one of our most popular choices - Only one spot available.

3 500 sek

Phone charging station

Brand a phone charging station with your logo/message.

3 500 sek

Push notification

Get a push notification in the event app and reach out to all participants during TechDays!

6 000 sek

Interested in exhibiting?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to discuss exhibitor and/or sponsor packages. As mentioned previously, all exhibitor packages can be enhanced for a more tailor-made experience to maxamise ROI for your company.

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