Make the most out of TechDays and add a Pre-Day!

Apart from the two main conference Days you have the opportunity to start with a Pre-Day workshop. The Pre-Day offers 8 separate full-day tracks with various focus areas such as Azure DevOps & Azure Kubernetes Service, ML & AI Workshop for .NET and Azure Developers to PowerApps & Flow and Windows Virtual Desktop.

We reserve the right to make changes to the agenda at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.
Any changes to the program will be noted on our website and delegates should check regularly for updates.


Add another full day to your TechDays experience and take the opportunity of deepen and
further update your knowledge within one of the specific areas you can choose from below.

How much is it?
1 700 SEK

When is it?
October 22nd from 09.00 to 16.00.

You choose and book your Pre-Day when you register for TechDays
The Pre-Day is only available for TechDays participants. 

Have you already bought your TechDays ticket and wish to add a Pre-Day?
Just let us know by emailing


IT Influencers & Implementers

When & where TBD

Pre-Day: Windows Virtual Desktop A-Z

Level:300 EN

Many experts and analysts consider that Windows Virtual Desktop will change how we look at Windows. This pre-conference day will walk you through what kind of revolution Windows Virtual Desktop will bring. What is it and  what it can be used for, and of course we will dive into how it can be configured and setup to present applications and a work space for your end users in a way that we have never seen in the Windows world before.

High level agenda
– What is Windows Virtual Desktop and what are the use cases?
– Technical requirements and limitations
– Applications and user profiles
– Step-by-step: How do you implement it?
– What is here now and what is coming!

When & where TBD

Pre-Day: App-in-a-day med PowerApps and Flow

Level:300 SWE

Under denna pre-day kommer du att få lära dig hur PowerApps, Flow och PowerBi kan användas för att spara tid och öka kvalitéten i din vardag med enkla medel. Dagen varvas med teori och praktik, med exempel som du själv kan hänga med i, på din egen dator. När dagen är slut har du en app som förhoppningsvis kommer att spara dig 15 minuter per dag och massor av byggstenar för att kunna utveckla dina egna appar.

When & where TBD

Pre-Day: Vi är under angrepp, vad gör vi nu?

Level:300 SWE

Med digitaliseringen ökar hotet mot våra svenska företag. Affärer som tidigare var skyddade av att de var ”analoga” blir ett lätt byte när hela affären digitaliseras.

Välkommen till denna pre-day till Techdays 2019 där vi går igenom hur angrepp på svenska bolag går till, hur vi arbetar med kunderna för att stoppa pågående angrepp, utföra en incident utredning och slutligen för att bygga IT-miljöer som från grunden har motståndskraft mot cyberangrepp och kan stoppa nya angrepp.

Vi delar med oss av exempel och erfarenheter från större incidenter i Sverige och andra delar av världen, både de som står att läsa om och de som aldrig kommer upp till ytan. De som guidar er genom dagen är Marcus Murray, Hasain Alshakarti, Hanna Ljung och Mats Hultgren från TRUESEC. Dessa personer representerar de team som genomför incidentarbetet i samarbete med kunden och ser till att det fortskrider till resultat och faktisk motståndskraft.

Under en heldag kommer vi att visa hur angripare anfaller IT-miljöer och hur vi med Microsoft teknologier så som Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure Analytics, Privileged Access Management i Active Directory och Azure AD, Information Protection, Office 365 Classifications, Azure MFA, Password-less authentication och andra funktioner bygger ett kraftfullt försvar och beredskap som gör skillnad!

When & where TBD

Pre-Day: Enterprise Client Management

Level:300 EN

Managing and Deploying Windows 10 like it is mend to be! Join Kent Agerlund & Marius Skovli for this session and learn all the insights to managing, enrolling and deploying Windows 10 using Microsoft technologies like Azure and Configuration Manager. In these sessions you must be prepared to bend the rules and think out-of-the-box. The focus will be around managing a Windows 10 environment, keeping it secure and healthy. ​This is a BYOQ day, don’t leave the pre-conference day sessions with any unanswered questions.

When & where TBD

Pre-Day: Open Data DIAD (Dashboard in a day)

Level:300 EN

Learn how to use Power Bi Desktop with the Dashboard in a day concept, choose the regular data sets and the detailed how-to instructions provided from Microsoft and work in your own tempo, or dare to venture out in the Open data world with population, public spending or even weather data.

In the Workshop We will guide you through the key techniques in connecting, shaping, model, visualize and share data so that it fits your analytical needs.

Bring your laptops installed with Power Bi desktop and headphones for those of you who need to concentrate.


When & where TBD

Pre-Day: Developing and deploying containerized applications
using Azure DevOps & Azure Kubernetes Service

Level:300 EN

Learn how to develop, deploy & manage a container based application on Azure Kubernetes Service. You will get a hands on introduction to kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) by manually building and deploying an application onto AKS. We will also cover upgrading and scaling the application using the built in features of kubernetes. Part of the exercise will be to construct a build and release pipeline using Azure DevOps to enable continuous integration and deployment. Finally we will look at tools like Helm, Draft & DevSpaces that make developing and deploying kubernetes based applications easier.

When & where TBD

Pre-Day: Bring your business to new heights.
Take command of the powerful Azure Platform.

Level:300 EN

There are some key things you need to understand when adopting the Microsoft Cloud. Most people and teams underutilize them. Four key Azure skills will make You an Azure Maverick! You will find Azure much easier because you will be quicker and feel more comfortable and secure. The alternative is to play it by ear until a project ends up in a big mess and one must backtrack, lose time, spend money, become confused and have dissatisfied users.

The four essential skills are
• Automation – The power to control deployments.
• Governance – The power to tell your boss what it costs.
• Monitoring – The power to know what is wrong.
• Access Control – The power to avoid human error.

“I wish someone had told me the secrets of Azure before we started two years ago! This class is spot on things we now apply successfully every day in our Azure services. We are more goal oriented when using the cloud. Ultimately this saves us money and makes working with cloud more tangible and much more fun.” – Brian Jensen, workshop attendee, Denmark

What you will learn
Simply put, you will learn the secrets and shortcuts that will make you effective using Azure! Magnus will walk through central areas of handling and managing cloud deployed applications. The class helps you handle some of the most important blockers in cloud Computing: How do I deploy to and handle my new environments in the cloud in a predictable and automatable way? How do I avoid runaway costs in the cloud when developers can create anything they want? How do I set up to divide the bill between departments and environments? How do we stay compliant and restrict to appropriate locations and services? How do I handle access to cloud resources in an effective way? How do I monitor resources when they are running – is the site up and is it successful? “Whose database is this”, because it is costing us money? Avoid confusion and hesitation! Measure effectiveness, speed and success! This class is Your Azure cloud booster pack!

“Regardless if you are new to the cloud, or if you have been in there for years most companies, developers and ITPro do not aware of the important fundamentals of the cloud needed to achieve flow, be fast and able to focus on their business!” – Magnus Mårtensson, Presenter
You will take command of using the powerful Azure Platform and bring your business to new heights with these learnings. You will work with confidence in Azure. Anyone who develop, deploy, distribute and diagnose applications on Azure should attend this class!

Data Scientists

When & where TBD

Pre-Day: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Workshop
for .NET and Azure Developers

Level:300 EN

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have been evolving with a rapid pace over the past few years and Microsoft is investing heavily in the development of these technologies. ML.NET provides developers with a framework allowing then to develop applications and systems using machine learning algorithms. The Microsoft Azure platform offers the Azure Machine Learning services, targeted at data scientists, and Cognitive Services, allowing developers to perform a wide variety of AI based tasks like text, image and voice analysis through simple SDKs or REST-calls. The Azure Custom Vision Service allows powerful convolutional neural networks to be trained for object classification and object detection, with options to run the model hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

In this one-day hands on workshop you will get your hands on the latest machine learning technologies that Microsoft .NET and Azure has to offer. You will have the chance to focus on one or more of these technologies in the form of guided hands-on labs and challenge exercises. These will range from using Azure Machine Learning for data science experiments to programming algorithms to optimize physics simulations.
You will have the choice of exploring several of the following technologies.

• Programming with neural networks
• Developing with ML.NET
• Developing with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services
• Creating Experiments with Azure Machine Learning
• Real-time object detection with the Azure Custom Vision Service

An understanding of C# and .NET is or Python required for the hands-on exercises, with the exception of Azure Machine Learning. No experience of artificial intelligence or machine learning is required, but there will be challenges available for attendees who already have basic knowledge of these technologies.

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